Each morning, we begin the day by connecting to ourselves, connecting to each other and connecting to nature with our morning all-levels yoga class.

Our yoga classes are held in our Yoga Shala, a covered, open-air space with a hand-crafted wooden floor made from up-cycled electrical wheels. Classes are offered daily and are included in all accommodation packages. From first-time beginners to advanced yoga practitioners, all are welcome and encouraged to join. Eco-friendly yoga mats and meditation cushions are provided. 

Come with an open-mind and join one of our certified yoga teachers to lead you into morning bliss on the mat.


We encourage those who are not participating in the yoga class to join us in a morning mindful hour, respecting those in the class by minding our volume and taking the time to inwardly reflect.

8:30 – 9:30 am – All levels yoga class (Yoga Shala)

If you are not a guest at Projekt-Kodu, please contact us by email stay@projekt-kodu.ee to inquire about availability in our daily classes. 

Drop-in classes are €12 per class. Lahemaa locals discount €8 per class.


Yoga is the union of mind, body and spirit.