• Hike along the 7 km Majakivi Trail to explore lush forest, marshland and climb to the top of Estonia’s third largest erratic boulder
  • Walk or cycle 1 km to Hara beach for sunset
  • Swim in two fresh-water lakes located just under 3 km from Projekt-Kodu Resort & Eco-Hostel
  • Trek the 4.2 km Käsmu Nature & Culture Trail or take the full 15 km loop around the peninsula from the historic fishing village of Käsmu
  • Tour through the famous bog of Viru Raba
  • Explore the abandoned Soviet Submarine Base and the army barracks in our village of Hara
2019.09.21-22 Projekt kodu (32 of 73)
  • Cycle to Pärispea, walk along the boulders and take a dip in the Baltic sea at the end of Purekkari Cape, Estonia’s most northerly point.
  • Explore the majestic ruins of Kolga Manor
  • Browse the gallery at the Viinistu Art Museum and enjoy a coffee at Viinistu Restaurant