"Let things taste of what they are." -Alice Waters

Our approach to food is simple; we create wholesome, home-cooked meals and serve them in a shared, community-style setting. Each meal is personally crafted to highlight its ingredients and provide honest nourishment. We love good food so we make the effort to source ingredients locally and organic where possible. We care for a small flock of twenty chickens, nurture a modest garden, support our local farmers market & embrace the Estonian culture of foraging wild forest foods.

One thing we can guarantee is that every meal is prepared with 100% love.


Our daily breakfast is included with all reservations. We offer our hearty homemade muesli with seeds, locally baked traditional rye bread, hard-boiled eggs from our happy hens, fresh fruit, organic milk, homemade oat milk, and, of course, coffee and tea.


So you can experience the most of nature, enjoy our wholesome vegetarian dinners in our protected outdoor seating area. We have a rotating menu and try to prepare dishes according to what is in season. Finish your meal with a little something sweet and coffee or tea. Dinner is served nightly at €14 per person. Children under ten are half price.