Off-grid living is a mindset.

At Projekt-Kodu, we invite you to experience off-grid living and to submerge yourself in a culture of mindful exploration in Lahemaa National Park. Our site is detached from the network of cables that stretch around the globe, but the connections created here stretch much further. Regardless of where you live or from where you collect your electricity, our goal is to share with you our honest version of what we believe is the future of sustainable and mindful tourism.

The Story

Projekt-Kodu began as a vision of self-reliance – a home disconnected from the hustle of everyday life in which we are too often entangled. As this vision developed into a passion project, we discovered traditional ways of living off the land. This home, this project, became Projekt-Kodu – the Estonian translation of Project-Home.

At Projekt-Kodu, our buildings reflect our ethos, designed and built from natural and reclaimed materials that are both sustainable and compliment the surrounding aesthetics of our forested environment in Lahemaa National Park.

2019.09.21-22 Projekt kodu (42 of 73)
2019.09.21-22 Projekt kodu (14 of 73)